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Youth Departement.

Youth Department.

St. Lukes' Church of Uganda Kagadi Town Parish has strong Youth Group that has Contributed much to the development of the Parish. The Youth has played their role in virious ways.

Youth of St. Lukes' Church all are born again (accepted their Lord Jesus Christ to be there personal Saviour). The Youth has been involved in virious activities to improve on their talents and to spread the gospal to the people in the communities.

These activities include:

- Preaching the Gospal
- Gospal music band (Sparrows Choir)

- Educative Music Dance and Drama - reflect on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Environmental Degradation, Corruption, Gender issues mention them.

- Income generating Projects
- Education
- Environemental conservation
- Agriculture

- Health
- Back home projetcs
- Conferences
- Conventions
- Scriptures.

The Youth department has also tried to make partnership with other Churches both locally and internationally whereby this is helping them in shearing different ideas as Youth as they find solutions to their future lives.

Thes e parteners include
- The Scripture union of Uganda
- MIRAC - Sharom

Among the Youth we have three Youth leaders who are heading the following sections at different levels.


This post is headed by Mr. Musinguzi Solomon is the Chairperson of the Youth at St. Luke's Church Kagadi Town taking the Youth group of St. Luke's Church. He is the again the Choir leader of the group.


This is headed by the beloved Youth Leader at Parich level Mr. Kunihira Nathan Kaparaga Ateenyi who organise the Youth to carry out visitings to those other Church for assessing what the Youth are doing in other Churches and How they can get involved in the spreading the Gospal and other income generating activities.


The work also has become more easir for the Youth when the Diocese granted Kagadi Archdeaconry on 1/ 01 / 2009 and the Youth Executive at Archdeaconry level was elected and our beloved Mr. Kunihira Kusemererwa Akiiki was elected as the Chairperson Kagadi Archdeaconry. He is also doing the same to make sure that the Youth from St. Lukes and other Chuches have understood the word of God and also get involved in the spreading of the Gospal to the people.

All these leaders has got there respective executives that help them to fulfill the work and responsibilities of there services.

The Youth have a vision where by are also looking on expanding there places where by starting a special gardens as one of there income generating project at the Church. The project is expected to be hired and conducting the following functions;

- Wedding Parties

- Graduation parties

- Conferences

- Preaching the gospal

- Seminars and workshops including other public and Church functions e.t.c

The Youth have a broad vision of constracting a Youth Centre including Guest House, Hotel, Main Hall, Library, Internet Cafe, Swiming Pool, Games and Computer Training Centre in the Place.

Gardens prepared by the Youth

The Youth aslo has been involved in other projects like Tree Planting where by Pine trees has been planted as one way of promoting the environment protection and one way of the income generating project. The Youth also we are inviting other Youth members from different churches, communities and attend seminars and workshops on such income generating activities.

Tree project for the Youth

Youth has learnt alot, more especially when they go for further trainings in different workshops in different areas in Uganda. Since the Youth and MIRAC are partners the Youth have been trained in different projects as a way of developing the talents of the Youth. Among other projects sofar started on, construction of Rolenar Stoves for cooking. These Rolenar stoves are used in different areas here in our country more especially in rural areas and some urban centres.

One of the Rolenar stoves under construction

More Youth projects are still coming up and all will be introduced to this website for proper and easy way of learning from each other.
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