Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make a Fundraising for the Church

Make Fundraising for the Church

Make your Fundraising to the Church
We welcome you to the worship of God through the liturgy of the Anglican Church.Like the early Church (Acts 2:42), we meet each Sunday to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.Eucharist means “thanksgiving” and refers to the thanks we give to God for the gift of life, for the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit, and most of all, for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


If you are able or wish to donate to this beautiful, historic church please contact us at Financial Committe is responsible for Funds of our Church and will be able to provide all details required.We thank you for your kind donation!

Why think of St. Luke's Church is' Anglican Church Morpeth when making your Will?When making your Will you remember your family, your friends and people or organisations that have made an important and rewarding influence on your life. It is a time that you can repay kindness, support upbringing or offer thanks. If you chose to remember St. Luke's Church in your Will you could be confident that your decision would assist in the continued financial support of the Parish, and that by being held in trust with the Parish of Newcastle your bequest would make a difference to the future income and the continuing ministry of St. Luke's Church Kagadi. Different types of bequests are available to suit your particular Estate structure. These may be discussed in detail with your Solicitor but include:

A Specific Amount

This is the most common form of bequest. You allocate an amount of money to be given to a beneficiary, such as
St. Luke's Church Kagadi. While this is a simple model it is advisable to review this amount each time you renew your Will to allow you to adjust it in accordance with the changing value of your estate.

A Percentage of your Estate

You may wish to simply allocate your estate by percentages to your benefactors, larger percentages for your family members and smaller ones for institutions such as St. Luke's Church Kagadi. The advantage of this type of bequest is that you do not need to know what your estate is worth.

Specific ItemYou may have a portfolio consisting of property, shares, insurances and the like. By organising your Will with a Solicitor you would be able to allocate a specific asset from your estate to be left to any benefactor, including

St. Luke's Church KagadiBy remembering St. Luke's Church Kagadi Morpeth in your Will, you can make a permanent difference.Legal institutions recommend that all adults make a Will and that it be updated in intervals not exceeding five years.

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