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History of the Church


St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish is one of the parishes working under Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese. The parish is situated in Kagadi Town Council along Kagadi - Hoima - Fort Portal Road Opposite Kagadi People's Secondary School, near Bishop Rwakaikara Primary School on the right hand side.

St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi Town Parish started in 1968 born from Kibanga Church under Butumba Parish. Late Yosiya Bunya donated the whole House where the first Church begun.

Yosiya Bunya was the father of Mzee Rusimbo Yokana. Late Yosiya requested the Church to look for another appropriate place where they will construct the church permanently. He finally donated the iron sheets for the house he had given them, to go and construct a new church in the appropriate place allocated.

Late Mzee Kadoma donated 2 ½ acres of land where the first Church of its kind was constructed. The first church was constructed from mad and leads and up searched with iron sheets

Late Bukenya was the first Rey leader, followed by Ephraim Ngonzibwa after the construction of the first church on the land that was donated by Late Mzee Kadoma.

In 1973 Mzee Erisa Tibamwenda and Matia Sendegeya was the first people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior after the beginning of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda.

In 1974 St. Luke’s Church of Uganda was granted as a Parish working under Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese, being born from Butumba Parish found in Muhoro Sub County in Kibaale District.

The first Parish Priest was Late Eriya Kabwimukya and he served for one Month. Later Late Acara Simon was appointed as the second Parish Priest of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda

In this process Erisa Tibamwenda was elected as the Parish Treasurer and Late Bankulize was elected as the Church Warden and he was the first Church warden to be elected.

In 1977 the St. Luke’s Church was expanded. Late Canon Kefa Kumalirwa was the Second Parish Priest of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda. In 1978 John Kaija was also appointed to come and work with Kefa Kumalirwa.

In 1978 Michael Kunihira was appointed as the second Rey leader. Late Mzee Yesero Kaheru was elected as a new Church warden of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda. Yakobo Zahura was elected as Parish warden.

In 1981 Mzee Erisa Tibamwenda was elected as the Church warden and he served from 1981 – 2002. In 1983 Michael Kunihira was appointed to work as the Parish Priest becoming the third Parish Priest serving St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi.

In 1983 the Permanent Church was started and was constructed and roofed successfully under the administration of Rev. Michael Kunihira. Later Matovu Christopher was appointed to come and work as a Parish Priest becoming the Fourth Parish Priest.

Joshua Gulyetwenda was appointed also as a Parish Priest to come and serve at St. Luke’s Church of Uganda. In his administration he served and completed making the floor of the church and even closed it, he extended at constructed the Vestry rooms and the Tower. He built the House of the Parish Priest, Ring leader and started on the Archdeacon House. He started a tree planting project as the first Project of its kind. He encouraged the Daughter churches to start constructing permanent Churches in the respective places.

After the service of Rev. Joshua Gulyetwenda, Rev. Simon Kahirita was appointed to Kagadi St. Luke’s Church and he served for only one year. In his administration he painted the Church and the two houses for the Parish Priest and Rey leader as well.

He was followed by Rev. Tibenda Geoffrey who started the Church administrative Block and left it still on the Foundation level. Later Rev. Tunura Solomon was continued with administration block up to the ring beam level.

Rev. Kavuya Jorum was appointed to come and work as a Parish Priest and he finalized the Administration Block which is currently serving as Hostel for girls (for sometime) as one way of the project that is earning for the Church. He finally completed the House of the Archdeaconry and he is the man who has started the Archdeaconry when it was officially granted on 1st/January/2009.

Currently Rev. James B. Isingoma is the new Parish priest of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi Town Parish as the same time it is the Town Church working now in the new Archdeaconry of Kagadi and Rev. Cap. Eric Twiine Amooti appointed as the first Archdeacon of Kagadi Archdeaconry up to date.

Here is other list of Rey Leaders who served at St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi Town Parish.
- Sister Yefusa Sunday
- Sadayo Tulyagenda
- Habati Twijuke
- John Mungurwa
- Ezra Bahangye
- John Mulindwa
- Okello Erisa
- Mugisa Albert as the new and current Ring leader up date.

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