Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photo Albums

Sparrows gospel Choir on Stage
at the Crussade

Praise and worship team/choir on stage
during the crussade

Crowed of people praying at the crussade
after preaching

Crowed of people listening to the gospel
at the Crussade

Archdeacon and some of the Youth from
Kenya dancing at the Crussade

Some of the group of Youth from Kenya
at the Crussade

Crowed of people on Crussade

Archdeacon Preaching on the Crussade

Superior Ambassadors drama group

Rev. Cap. Eric Twiine Amooti and his wife arriving
at St. Luke's c.o.u Parish. He is the first Archdeacon of
St. Luke's Church.

Some of women of St. Luke's C.O.U

Members of Archdeaconry Council after meeting

Some of members of St. Luke's Gospel Choir

Section of disabled Children School
at Bishop Rwakaikara P/S

Bishop Rwakaikara primary School

St. Luke's Church

St. Luke's Site

Way to St. Lukes Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish.

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