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Music Department

Music Department.

Music at St. Luke’s Church can be considered "Ancient and Modern". At the establishment of the Church some 25 years ago the music was quite simple. An organist, accompanied by a musical sword and Violin was the music for the small group of worshippers.

Over the years the music ministry has grown tremendously to where the parish now enjoys a music ministry of three choral groups, praise and worship team, Sparrows gospel Choir and a keyboard.

These Choirs partcipate in different aspects and in different services on every Sunday's. St. Lukes Church has three Church services covered every Sunday. These include the early morning service known as the Renewal Service, Mid morning service known as English Service and the Mid day Service known as the Main service.

Renual / praise & worship choir

The Renewal service starts at 7:00 am and ends at 9:30 am, the English service begins at 10:00 am and end at 11:00 am and Main service start at 11:oo am and Ends at 12:30 pm. The respective Choirs participate in Church services. The Renewal Choir participates in the Renewal service while the Sparrows gospel Choir participates in all the last two services. Sparrows Gospal Choir is known as the main Choir for the Church, this choir always participate in different aspects in spreading the gospal to the people.

Sparrows Gospel Choir - the main Choir of the
Sparrows Gospel Choir has already reliased one full gospel Album and has the capacity of relieasing other 10 new gospel Albums. The choir is comprised by the Youth who are all born again and they are 30 in number.

The Chief Organist and Trainer of the Parish is Mzee Mwesigwa Fred (Trainer) and Mr. Solomon Musinguzi the Choir leader. Mr. Musinguzi has been the organist for more than 5 years and began at the tender age of 25. Other Musicians at the Keyboard include:
Mr. Rwebandira, Assistant organist, Mr. Mwesigwa Fred, Organist and Pianist Mr. Kusemererwa Kunihira Pinder, and Mr. Jackson Tumusiime Pianist.

The parish also has a talented Youth Choir under the direction of Mzee Mwesigwa Fred.
The entire music department is under the direction of Mzee Mwesigwa. The Music department can be reached via this email

The above mentioned Choirs needs much support from everyone such that they can serve the Lord and spread the gospel to the people through Music. Therefore we request everybody to support us financially and in materials to fulfill the mission and vision of serving the Lord and expand the Jesus' Ministries ollover the world.

For any support to the Church Choirs, Contact:

Music Department

St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish

P.o. Box 5 Kagadi

Kagadi Town Council

Kibaale District

Email: st.lukescouparish@yahoo.com

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