Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New up Coming Events

The 3rd New up coming Event October 2009.

St. Luke's Church of Uganda Kagadi Town Parish, is in preparation for the 3rd upcoming event (Mission) which will be scheduled in 5th - 11th. October. 2009. The event will be hosted at Muhorro C.O.U Town Church.

The Chief Guest is The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda HENRY LUKE OROMBI he will open the Mission as the Guest Speaker. There Shall be other Guest Speakers from Different Places in Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese, and other Dioceses', other Guest Speakers are coming from AFRICA and EUROPEAN Contries.

The event will be joined by different people right from locally, Regional, National and International or other parts of the World.

All of you, you are invited to attend the event and get healed forever.

For More Information Contact

The Kagadi Archdeacon
Rev. Cap. Eric Twine Amooti
Tel. 256 772 923 076



St. Luke's Church of Uganda Kagadi Town Parish together with Kagadi Archdeaconry are preparing for the upcoming trip which is scheduled to take place in Mid-January 2010.
The Trip will be based on Evangelism. A group of Christians will be going for a Trip in Kenya in the month mentioned above.

Everybody who going for a trip is to rise 200,000 Uganda Shillings, Equivalent to US $ 100 to support on the transport and other needs.


Do you wish to support the Team to go to Kenya to spread the Gospel to the People of God? Do you like Evangelism? When you support the Trip you will have supported the work of God and the Lord will reward you more.

Dear sons and Daughters of God it is the time to start sending your support. We are welcoming all support from locally, Regional, National and Internationally. We welcome every support let it be money and other items that can be sold and get money to support the work of God you all invited too. You may be not having money now but you would like to support us, you can also make your pleague on the below contacts.

Send your support to;

St. Luke's Church of Uganda-Kagadi Town Parish
P.o. Box 5 Kagadi
Kibaale District
Mid-Western Uganda

You call our Vicar; Rev. James B. Isingoma Amooti of
St. Luke's Church of Uganda- Kagadi Town Parish
on +256 782 822 655

You can Call the Chairperson organiser Rev. Cap. Eric Twiine Amooti
the Archdeacon of Kagadi Archdeaconry
on +256 772 923 076

You can also send email to us

For Pleagues You can send either SMS or Call
Cell: +256 783 898 483
+256 777 193 696

Thanks for supporting the work of God

God bless you all.

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