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St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish
Rt. Rev. Nathan Kyamanywa & Maama Peace Kyamanywa - Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese""St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish, Calls for support on the construction of New Church ( New Cathedral) of the Parish at St. Luke's Parish Headquarters" The Project has already started as we shall be able to upload photos soon.
To day the construction process has begun at the main Headquarters. We thank all those who have so far shown interest in building the House of God, may the Lord God bless you! More information to come soon!  

"St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish, Welcomes all Christian around the World in this
New Year 2014"

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Welcome.To the official website of St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi Town Parish, comprising over 6 Daughter Churches. The Parish Daughter Churches include; Nyakarongo Church of Uganda, Kyamukunisa Church of Uganda, Nyamigisa Church of Uganda, Kihayura Church of Uganda, Mambugu Church of Uganda and St. Luke’s Church of Uganda as the main Headquarter of these Churches mentioned above.

St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi Town Parish on 1st. January. 2009 was granted officially the Archdeaconry called “Kagadi Archdeaconry”. The Kagadi Archdeaconry comprising over 10 Parishes and these are; Butumba Parish, Kyabaranzi Parish, Rusoroza Parish, Katikengeye Parish, Bwejeraje Parish, Nyankoma Parish, Kabuga Parish, Rutete Parish, Mpefu Parish and the tenth Parish is Kagadi the Headquarter.

We hope that you will visit our website often, not only for the latest news and information from our Anglican Church/ family of St. Luke’s church, but also to become familiar with the ministry, mission and work of the Instruments of Communion, served by the Anglican Communion and also join hands in spreading the gospel to the world.

St. Luke's Parish Executive Members
St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish has executive members of 13 people who work hand in hand to make sure the parish progresses in all.

Rev. Patrick .B. Busobozi Abooki 
He is the Chairperson and Parish Priest of St. Luke's Church - Kagadi Town Parish. For more information about the Church Contact him on cell. +256 782 822 655.

Vice Chairperson
Mr. Jotham Byaruhanga is the Vice Chairperson of St. Luke Parish Executive Committee

Chief Warden
Mr. Yiiga Mbabazi
He is the Chief Warden of St. Luke's Church of Uganda Kagadi Town Parish

Secretary GeneralHe is Albert Mugisa who is the the Lay Leader St. Luke's Church of Uganda Kagadi Town Parish.

Parish Treasurer

Mr. Bagonza Hannington
He is the Treasure of the Parish

Planning and Development Projects Department
Mr. Matia Musoke
Responsible for Planning and Development of the Projects at the Church - St. Luke's Church.

Mothers Union - Home and Family Life Department
Mrs. Rose Nkoba
Responsible for all Mothers Union and family life Department.

Youth Department St. Luke's Parish - Parish Youth Chairperson
Mr. Nathan Kunihira Kaparaga Ateenyi
He is the one responsible for the Youth at the Parish - St. Luke's Church - Kagadi

Marriage and Missions
Mr. Matia Sendegeya
He is the one responsible for Marriage and Missions for the Church at St. Luke's Church of Uganda - Kagadi Town Parish.

Mr. Erisa Tibamwenda is the one incharge of Land for the Church at St. Lukes Church

Mr. Yigga Mbabazi is the one responsible for the Hostel one of the income generating Projects of the Church, Heading the Infomation, Communication & Documentation Department, at the sametime is the one incharge of Education and Sunday School

Music Department ( in Memory of our beloved Late Mwesigwa Fred) The Lord gave us another mentor of the team that is Rev. John Kitalibara.
As of now, Sparrows Gospel Choir / Sparrows Community Bible Study National Ministering Team is Mentored by Rev. John Kitalibara Amooti.

Who we are
The vitality of St. Luke’s Church is experienced in the life and mission of the different services offered by us in serving the Lord. You can find information about our work under the "Resources" heading below as well as links to our own websites. St. Luke’s church wishes you the best and welcomes you to join the Journey to heaven. To start the Journey it is very important but it doesn’t mean that only poor or rich ones are only people who are supposed to join the journey, it is for everybody. Jesus is inviting all of you to come and move with him to Heaven try to day you will never regret.

You are free to use this website fluently and know our services and who are we. You can make your contributions to this website or comments and if you have anything you want to deliver to us, or make partnership with us, or make your donation to us, or you have a question to ask us; please feel free to Contacts us.

You can send your donations, Information, concerns, comments and so on to;

St. Luke’s Church of Uganda – Kagadi Town Parish
P.o. Box 5 Kagadi
Kagadi Town Council
Kibaale District
Mid-Western Uganda
East Africa
Africa Continent

Tel: +256 783 898 483



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