Monday, July 27, 2009

Sparrows Gospel Choir / Sparrows CBSI National Ministering Team


We are happy today to let you know that Sparrows Gospel Choir has moved a step a head through Gospel and Educative Music, including Bible Study and we also do Preaching the Gospel in different parts of the World as one way of spreading the gospel of Community Bible Study International as we serve Lord in one way or another.

Sparrows Gospel Music Band we have so far released over 54 Gospel songs making a total of 9 (nine) Albums. As we talk our music production is now available on CDs / DVD's on different Radio Stations, on YouTube and on other Music Centres in different areas. For your own Copy please don't hesitate to contact the areas mentioned here; For ....
  • Kibaale District,  (Kagadi Town) Contact Youth Office on Hoima - Fort Portal R'd Opp. St. Luke's C.O.U Parish  Kagadi
  • Hoima at Kitalibara's 20'' Minute Photo Studio,
  • Masindi  at BBS 98.2Fm and many more.
You can easily get our music on CD's / DVD's at only 5,000/= UGX  or US $ 10.00 Dollars.
We thank God for your endless support and encouragement to the Church of Uganda - in promoting the work of God.
The Youth of the above Church having realised that MUSIC is one of the greatest tool that can be used to strengthen Jesus' Ministry, and Societal behavioural change, and having Identified you as one of the Upper hand in pasuit of this cause, hereby request you kindly to go ahead  supporting us as you buy our CD's / DVD's.
Your Interventions and Assistance is Paramount.

Looking forward to receiving your support.

For More Information and Support please feel free to Contact;

The Music Coordinator
Mr. Jackson Tumusiime
Youth Department/Music Department
Tel. +256 783 898 483 / 0705538271
The Chairperson Music Department/ Youth Department
Mr. Musinguzi Solomon
Tel. +256 782 787 076
The Secretary Music Department/ Youth Department
Ms. Nsimiire Christine Abooki
Tel. +256 775 221 412

For more details you can join us of Facebook.

Thank you for your support
God Bless you all.

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